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Welcome to animedl.

This is a place for malingre to dump all the animes she has downloaded from other places, to clear up her harddisk space. XD Sometimes she might dump other stuffs like movies or mangas.

Most of the animes will be in rmvb format (~80MB). Some of them in avi format. And all of them will be uploaded to MediaFire as the links don't expire, MF allows parallel downloading and the use of download manager. Also for the sake of those who can't download from some hosts like Megaupload. Bigger file size (>100MB) will be uploaded to other hosts (ie. Sendspace), or I'll just split them into different parts. If MF doesn't work for you, you can always comment and let me know and I'll do something about it.

Please join the community to watch for updates. Comments are not necessary, but it always feels good to know that people actually appreciate the effort I do to upload the files. =]

And, needless to say, hotlinking = death! (><)

If you have any questions, feedbacks, requests or want to affiliate, please leave a comment here.

Thank you and enjoy your stay here! Hope you find something of your interests here. ^_^

I am also looking to share this community with someone, who loves sharing stuff as well. Just drop me an email or drop me a comment at my personal journal and I'll get back to you. ^^

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